Name: Suzy Bae
Birthday: 10.10.94
Height/weight: 166 cm/ 47 kg
Label: AQ Entertainment/ JYP Entertainment
School: Performing Arts High School
Bae Suji is a member in the girl group "Miss A".

Cast Synopsis

Go Hye Mi is the main character of this drama. In the beginning of the story she is portrayed as a cold-hearted girl who humiliates her best friend Yoon Baek Hee in an attempt to save herself in the audition to be accepted into Kirin Arts School. Due to her bad attitude she is not accepted until later as one of the director's special students. As her character develops throughout the story Hye Mie grows from being a mean, stuck up snob to a strong, caring, and forgiving individual. Both Song Sam Dong and Jin Guk are in love with her and she has a hard time choosing between the two men. Song Sam Dong is who she has fun with with while Jin Guk is the one she sympathizes with. In episode ten, Jin Guk and Hyemi kiss after he explains his betrayal to her. In the end, she has chosen Sam Dong. The ending, was where they kissed and said there goodbyes to one another.

2 ulasan:

  1. aku kira mereka semua sebaya..
    rupanya Kim Soo Hyun yang paling tua dari semuanya..tapi Sam Dong itu baby face yaa..
    Suzy tampak lebih dewasa dibanding IU
    Very like them all ^^

  2. Gaaaaah? Yg bner Suzy kelahiran 94? Kokkk tua mukanya =,= hadeeeeeeeh.. ku kira umur2 20an gthoo... nyanyanya~