Name : Jang Wooyoung
Role in 2PM : Sub Vocal, Dancer
Nickname : Boo-ung-ee (Owl)
Date of birth : 30th April 1989
Height : 178cm
Weight : 65kg
Blood Type : B
Religion : Buddhist
Languages : Korean, minimal English (in order of fluency)

Cast Synopsis

Jason is an American exchange student who excels mainly in dancing. He has good manners, but doesn't show much enthusiasm. He originally does not like Pil Suk as much as she likes him but after his debut, their relationship is unclear. According to Pil Suk, he has no goals in life. This makes Jason realise, and he starts working hard so Pil Suk will once again like him again. He eventually begins to realise he likes Pil-Suk. At first he is shy about showing his affection towards Pil Suk, but after becoming jealous he finally admits to Pil Suk.

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