Name : Ok Taecyeon
Role in 2PM : Rapper, Dancer
Nickname : Okcat, Jeemseung (beast)
Date of birth : 27th December 1988
Height : 185cm
Weight : 76kg
Blood Type : AB
Religion : Christian
Languages : English & Korean, Japanese (in order of fluency)
School : Dankook University

Cast Synopsis

Jin Guk/Hyun Si Hyuk  is a childhood friend of Go Hye Mi and he constantly tries to help her. He tries to get Hyemi to remember their childhood memories. He excels primarily at dancing and rapping. He sings a balled for his showcase song called My Valentine. He is in a love triangle with Go Hye Mi and Yoon Baek Hee. Because he performed with Baek Hee at the Showcase he has debuted with one of Korea's top entertainment agency's. After debuting, he realizes that he is in love with Hye Mi and that she is who he wishes to be with. Hye Mi is angry at Jin Guk because he made his debut as a solo artist when he promised that he would debut with her on the same stage. Jin Guk must deal with the fact that his father will not accept Jin Guk for who he is and tried tried to force him to study abroad. In the end Jin Guk realizes that Hye Mi is in love with Sam Song Dong and let's go of her. He tells her that they will always be best friends.

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