Khamis, 17 Mac 2011

Suzy Comments On Her "Acting Controversy" and Tears Up

There has been an ongoing debate about miss A’s Suzy lack of acting when she made her TV drama debut with KBS “Dream High” this year. On March 1st, KBS broadcast the “Dream High Special Concert” as part of the drama’s special episode. The special episode also included behind the scenes of the drama.

After watching a few NG scenes, Suzy suddenly burst into tears as she has been aware of the criticism on her acting. Suzy managed to say, “I lack a lot,” but was unable to say anymore. MC Park Kyunglim consoled her and then asked Suzy, “At what point was is the hardest?” Suzy replied, “When I was frustrated with my emotions.”

Despite the criticism, Suzy kept working hard on “Dream High” and continued. “Dream High” made its last broadcast on February 28th.

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